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66 Charlotte St, Detroit, MI 48201

66 Charlotte St Detroit, MI 48201

$370,000Update Estimate Estimated Market Value

Home Listing Savings

Home Listing Savings

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$5,550 listing savings

(1.5% listing commission compared with a 3% listing rate)

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Keller Williams
Steven Saleh
Keller Williams Legacy
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Mike Sobh
RE/MAX leading edge
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Home Buyer's Refunds

Home Buyer's Refunds

We found local agents offering home buyer's refunds:

$5,550 commission refund

(50% buyer's agent commission rebate)

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Shyante Johnson
Bynum Ward & Associates
Estimated Refund Amount to Buyer:

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Property Details

According to public records, this is a single-family home. This is a four bedrooms, two baths home, with an area of 2,320 sqft, and it is situated on a 5,140 sqft lot.

Last updated: 22 July 2021
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