Advertising Partners

Get in front of real estate consumers when they search for the best and most competitive real estate representation services across 147,000,000 homes in the United States.

What is HomeOpenly role in the market?

HomeOpenly is an Open Real Estate Marketplace designed to provide home buyers and sellers with a transparent home and representation search experience.

The core feature of the platform allows home buyers and sellers to receive live and actionable savings from local competitive real estate agents, including listing rates, buyers refund, and flat fees.

This process is absolutely free and does not tax our users with referral fees, this is a major innovation in the real estate industry.

Who is an Advertising Partner?

HomeOpenly Advertising Partners are real estate PropTech start-ups and well-established enterprises that provide positive-sum value-added benefits to consumers.
Why should I become an Advertising Partner?

Due to the inherent benefits of an improved home search strategy, HomeOpenly receives organic and genuine Internet traffic from real estate agents, home buyers, and home sellers.

HomeOpenly benefits our users by aggregating $10-$15 Billion in savings advertised across 147,000,000 homes in the United States.

Our platform also provides unbiased and absolutely free leads for real estate agents. By removing a referral fee revenue from the process we have created an unbiased, private and trusted environment for our users that helps our Advertising Partners to promote their brands and services.

Can a Real Estate Agent become an Advertising Partner?

In order to keep HomeOpenly results unbiased and impartial, licensed Real Estate Agents are unable to buy ads with us. Quality competitive agents who offer listing commission savings, buyers refunds, and flat fees can easily opt-in with HomeOpenly without any referral fees or other costs using our Agent Portal.
What advertising services does HomeOpenly offer?

HomeOpenly provides our Advertising Partners with two services: Direct Leads and Vertical Subscriptions

Direct Leads (Beta)

(Mortgage, Refinance, and Home Insurance)

Direct Leads is our core adverting service. All leads are originated by consumers directly on our platform. HomeOpenly strictly enforces Privacy by Design policy and never shares user’s information with any Advertising Partners unless the user specifically authorizes us to do so. Consumers may choose any number of available Advertising Partners to contact.

Default end-to-end encryption: due to highly sensitive user information and other private details Direct Leads carry automatic end-to-end encryption. This encryption ensures that only the consumer and the Advertising Partner are able to read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even HomeOpenly.

Terms and Pricing: each lead request carries a nominal processing fee paid by the Advertising Partner, regardless if a sale is made. An encrypted HomeOpenly API integration is required between HomeOpenly and the Advertising Partner using the service, subject to a one-time flat fee. There is no subscription cost for this service.

Vertical Subscriptions

(Renovation, Design, Staging, Home Inspections, Home Security, Moving, Home Maintenance, Title, Escrow, Real Estate Technology Tools for Agents, Cash Offer Stand-in Programs, Home VR/AR and 3D Capture)

Vertical Subscriptions are local ads tailored to each user. HomeOpenly strictly enforces Privacy by Design policy and never shares user’s information with any Advertising Partners unless the user specifically authorizes us to do so. Vertical Subscription ads are shown locally to consumers in addition to their real estate agent matched results.

Terms and Pricing: an individually-negotiated monthly subscription fee based on volume and coverage.

As a PropTech startup, with help from early adopters, we aim to forge long-standing relationships across the industry to help make home search, home purchase, home sale and an act of homeownership a transparent experience. HomeOpenly is a young Internet company, always learning.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!