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Real Estate Commissions are always negotiable, but not often advertised. HomeOpenly is an effective unbiased tool for a Home Seller to start negotiations.

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HomeOpenly is an Open Marketplace, effectively designed to advertise competitive listing commissions by your local Real Estate Agents. Open access and no referral fees.

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HomeOpenly facilitates advertisement of competitive offers from the best full-service Real Estate Agents. Our service encourages Agents to advertise only reasonable local savings.

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HomeOpenly provides Real Estate Owners looking to sell their property an opportunity to negotiate a competitive commission structure with a local Real Estate Agent. Real Estate Agents participating in our marketplace are looking for new leads, this, in turn, facilitates a competitive behavior and allows each Agent to advertise their best commissions and services for a specific transaction price range.

Some Real Estate Agents are reluctant to advertise lower commissions in hopes that Home Sellers assume that there is a standard commission rate out there, there is no such thing. HomeOpenly, as part of our Terms of Service, requires opt-in full-service Real Estate Agents to advertise listing savings in order to participate, this is how we create value for our users. HomeOpenly does not specify rates, instead, it allows local Agents to advertise rates organically for each area.

Fair Market Real Estate Listing Commission Rates

HomeOpenly facilitates advertisement of competitive offers from the best full-service Real Estate Agents. For example, you as a Home Seller may receive two advertisements - one for 50% commission savings from a newly licensed Real Estate Agent and a 25% commission savings from the seasoned Real Estate Agent, it is entirely up to you, the Home Seller, to evaluate who is best.

HomeOpenly does not collect referral fees nor benefits directly from any specific real estate transaction. We do not give preference toward any specific Real Estate Agent or a subset of Agents; our platform is built on a fair Internet-based Open Marketplace for listing savings and services negotiations.

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