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Home Owners can easily negotiate any competitive commission rate with a Real Estate Agent licensed in their State. There is no such thing as a standard listing rate. HomeOpenly is an Internet platform designed to connect home Owners with qualified and motivated Real Estate Agents that offer competitive listing rates to consumers. Our service is absolutely unbiased for consumers and Agents because there are no referral fees or other fees for leads. Simply start a new search with the "Seller" option to find local Agencies who are offering competitive listing commission rates in your area within minutes.

Using our platform Owners are able to find Real Estate Agents directly. HomeOpenly never sells or shares your information with Agents that you didn't select. Our service is an Internet platform that generates profit thru independent advertising and Real Estate data analysis. Buying ads with us does not change the way we display data to our users, this is a core difference that makes HomeOpenly an Internet company and not a middle-man broker. All our leads are direct and secure because we simply don't sell leads to anyone, ever.

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All licensed Real Estate Agents who advertise here are competitive. Once you decide on the best Agent, ask them to honor the listing rate quoted in your Lead Request reference by including those terms into your final representation agreement.

HomeOpenly works to create flexible market listing commission rates that are absolutely referral-free. This approach motivates Agents to compete locally on the best terms in exchange for additional leads to local consumers without any added cost. Competitive Real Estate Agents are shown in your search results starting with the best-advertised listing rate followed by the most complete service offerings. This ensures that HomeOpenly displays all result fairly to all prospective real estate consumers.

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One last important step: after you and your Agent get the job done, please tell us about your experience. HomeOpenly is here to make sure that real estate consumers get the best deal and the best service.

We want to advertise for only the best local Agencies and your feedback is important.

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