Our Mission Is to Improve the Homeownership Experience

Last updated: August 2019

HomeOpenly helps our users to make the opportunity of homeownership transparent, affordable, and an open experience.

Privacy by Design and Open Systems Design

As an Internet technology company, our commitment will always be the same: user experience. HomeOpenly strictly enforces Privacy by Design policy and never shares user’s information unless the user specifically authorizes us to do so. Privacy by Design policy improves user trust and leads to better network effects. Our team uses Open Systems Design methodology to innovate, develop, and maintain an excellent end-to-end Open Real Estate Marketplace™ experience for all users.

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Default End-To-End Encryption

Most of our optional advertisement products carry highly sensitive user information and other private details. Automatic end-to-end encryption ensures that only the intended users can read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even HomeOpenly.

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Our Terms and Pricing

Transparency is all about trust. HomeOpenly is an Open Marketplace™ with access to the best unbiased local savings information, for free. HomeOpenly does not sell broker fees. HomeOpenly is a technology company that sells advertising and optional services. When you use HomeOpenly, all match results are transparent and any paid ads are clearly labeled. We consider it a privilege to be able to help make your homeownership a better experience with the use of Internet technology.

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Residential Real Estate Services Ratings

HomeOpenly maintains Residential Real Estate Directory (RRED) of trending real estate services, portals, and startups. All entries are independently compiled and scored. HomeOpenly does not receive any payments from companies and services listed, all Editor's reviews are impartial. The guidelines for acceptance require sizable and innovative impact on the residential real estate process in the United States. Only services that provide the best organic value to consumers in home transactions receive the highest Editor’s rating.

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Residential Real Estate Guides

HomeOpenly maintains a series of articles organized into Guides that aim to highlight issues that affect housing affordability, home selling, home buying, and home care trends in the industry. The information presented in the Guides is unbiased. HomeOpenly staff selects issues based on the importance and impact to users, and not due to any outside influence.

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Your User Experience and Feedback

HomeOpenly works due to healthy user-participation. Our goal is to encourage competition and to fix the residential real estate process with network effects as a driving catalyst. HomeOpenly relies on powerful user engagement as much as a compass relies on a powerful geomagnetic field. HomeOpenly advocates for 100% experience with all our users: homeowners, home buyers, real estate agents, and advertising partners. Please tell us what is important to you about your homeownership experience, what you look for in a trust-focused platform and how we can better serve you as our user.

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