HomeOpenly is a 0% referral fee platform for Real Estate Agents

It's really that simple

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Our Marketplace is designed to offer competitive advertising for full-service Real Estate Agents working in all market segments, luxury through the economy.

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Try the service and see for yourself how your sales revenue benefits over time, HomeOpenly is a 0% referral fee service. HomeOpenly operates an advanced patent-pending revenue model that is not a referral fee middle-man.

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HomeOpenly treats opt-in Real Estate Agents fairly and equally, we do not pre-select or have preferred Agents or subset of Agents.

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HomeOpenly is not a middle-man

HomeOpenly provides Home Sellers and Home Buyers who are looking to sell or buy residential property an opportunity to negotiate a competitive commission structure with a local Real Estate Agent.

Real Estate Agents participating in our marketplace are looking for new leads. HomeOpenly provides these leads directly, no back-ended agreements, no hidden referral fees, all our leads are direct and unbiased.

HomeOpenly is an excellent platform for Real Estate Agents who are looking to expand their business by offering reasonable and competitive rates for the best service.

HomeOpenly provides a fair path to advertise savings to potential clients who have expressed a definite interest in being represented by a Real Estate Agent either selling or buying Real Estate.

HomeOpenly is an Open Marketplace.

By participating with HomeOpenly, a Real Estate Agent is taking a proactive step to acquire clients he or she may not otherwise have an opportunity to represent.

Real estate Home Owners and Home Buyers are driven by rebate and commissions savings as well as excellent service, regardless of their budget.

HomeOpenly provides all parties with an ability to research and establish fair commissions and the best level of service.

HomeOpenly requires all participating Real Estate Agents to agree and abide by our Terms and Conditions, to maintain National Association of Realtors membership and to abide by the NAR's ethics conduct, be fully licensed and able to provide services in the jurisdiction services are offered.

Real Estate Agents must advertise savings in order to participate in the marketplace, however, we do not lock anyone into any specific rates or rebates - the competitive marketplace guides the process. There is no pressure to advertise the lowest rates, we encourage Agents to list reasonable rates for the best service.

Competitive Real Estate Agents

HomeOpenly is a 0% referral fee platform for Real Estate Agents

It's really that simple

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