Residential Real Estate Directory (RRED)

A combined list of trending residential real estate services, portals and start-ups.

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Residential Real Estate Directory (RRED) is a combined list of trending real estate services, portals and start-ups that is maintained by HomeOpenly staff on continuous basis in order to provide our users with the most comprehensive and unbiased real estate sources in addition to our savings OPEN marketplace.

All entries are independently compiled and scored. HomeOpenly does not receive any consideration from any of the companies or services listed. The guidelines for acceptance for each entry are only to have an actual or potential impact on residential real estate issues and real estate consumers in the United States in the modern Internet economy. While some listed entities are large and powerful, others are small and up-coming, only services that provide the best inherited value to consumers receive the highest RRED score.

HomeOpenly encourages users to add comments, evaluate existing listings and recommend references for new real estate services, portals and marketplaces for the following release in January 2019.