Residential Real Estate Directory (RRED)

Residential Real Estate Directory (RRED) is a combined list of trending real estate services, portals and startups maintained by HomeOpenly staff on a yearly basis in order to provide our users with the most comprehensive and unbiased real estate sources in addition to savings offered by an Open Real Estate Marketplace.

All entries are independently compiled and scored. HomeOpenly does not receive any payments from companies and services listed, all Editor's reviews are impartial. The guidelines for acceptance require sizable and innovative impact on the residential real estate process in the United States. Only services that provide the best organic value to consumers in home transactions receive the highest Editor’s score.

All our users are encouraged to post constructive and helpful reviews with any sentiment. Please write to us directly to recommend a new business-to-consumer service, portal, or marketplace that impacts the way people buy and sell homes in the United States.