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Reviews for SimpleShowing, a multi-state real estate broker that offers consumers listing savings and buyer's refunds.
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Buying and Selling with SimpleShowing

SimpleShowing is a multi-state savings broker, offers consumers listing savings and buyer’s refunds in select areas across Florida, Georgia, Alabama.

SimpleShowing Pricing

SimpleShowing offers listing savings to sellers ($5,000 flat listing fee) and commission refunds to buyers (50% of the Buyer's Agent Commission). After the first five showings, the buyer’s refund will decrease 5% for each set of five showings requested. Buyer’s refund is subject to a minimum net commission of $3,500.

Listing Services

  • MLS Listing
  • Zillow, Trulia, etc. Listing
  • Accept and Deliver All Offers and Counteroffers
  • Hold Open Houses
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Floor Plans
  • Yard Signage Installation
  • Spare Key Lock-box Installation
  • Schedule Inspection Services
  • Schedule Private Showings
  • Closing Duties

Buyer's Agent Services

  • Find the Property
  • Accept and Deliver All Offers and Counteroffers
  • Recommend Other Professionals
  • Attend Inspection Services
  • Schedule Private Showings
  • Negotiate Needed Repairs
  • Closing Duties

SimpleShowing Editor's Review:

Last updated: 28 April 2021
First published: 17 February 2019

SimpleShowing is a consumer-focused flat fee real estate broker. As a listing agent, SimpleShowing works with a seller to prepare homes for listing, including taking professional photos, pricing homes, and publishing marketing materials.

SimpleShowing lists all homes on the local MLS as well as typical MLS Aggregators. SimpleShowing maintains a well-designed online platform that allows sellers to communicate with all parties involved in a sale.

As a buyer’s agent, SimpleShowing works with buyers to find a home, schedule inspections, negotiate repairs and finalize the purchase.

SimpleShowing further offers unrepresented buyers to make direct offers to sellers. When a self-represented buyer approach SimpleShowing about seller’s listing, SimpleShowing waives the 2.5%-3% Buyer’s Agent Commission in favor of the seller.

SimpleShowing Direct option allows parties to save a significant amount in buy-side commissions, but also requires the buyer to accept the potential downside of dual representation.

Theoretically, a buyer can make an offer that is 2.5%-3% less than a competing offer from an agent-represented buyer, however, the buyer also loses all benefits of individual representation and forfeits an option to get a buyer’s refund from their agent.

Company extensively uses the current technology to help book showings with better coordination. SimpleShowing offers overall great value to consumers looking to buy or sell a home.

FAQ for SimpleShowing

What is SimpleShowing?

SimpleShowing is a multi-state real estate broker that offers consumers flat fee listing savings and buyer's refunds.

Is SimpleShowing legitimate?

Yes. SimpleShowing is a legitimate real estate agent that offers savings to consumers.

Where does SimpleShowing operate?

SimpleShowing currently operates in select areas across Florida, Georgia, Alabama.

Contact SimpleShowing:

881 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309 US
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SimpleShowing User Reviews

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