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Reviews for Unlocked Real Estate, a local real estate broker that offers buyer’s refunds in San Francisco Bay Area.
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Buying with Unlocked Real Estate

Unlocked Real Estate is a local San Francisco Bay Area agent, offers consumers buyer’s refunds in select areas.

Unlocked Real Estate Pricing

Unlocked Real Estate offers buyers approximately 67% of the Buyer’s Agent Commission.

Listing Services

  • This Service Does Not Represent Sellers

Buyer's Agent Services

  • Find the Property
  • Accept and Deliver All Offers and Counteroffers
  • Recommend Other Professionals
  • Attend Inspection Services
  • Schedule Private Showings
  • Negotiate Needed Repairs
  • Closing Duties

Unlocked Real Estate Editor's Review:

First published: 17 February 2019
Last updated: 03 November 2019

Unlocked Real Estate is a consumer-focused real estate broker that focuses on helping buyers. As a buyer’s agent, Unlocked Real Estate works with buyers to find a home, schedule inspections, negotiate repairs and finalize the purchase.

Unlocked Real Estate offers overall great value to consumers looking to buy a home, but it does not offer services to sellers.

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Unlocked Real Estate Service Areas:

San Francisco

Contact Unlocked Real Estate:

44 Montgomery St Level 3
San Francisco, CA 94104 US

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