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Reviews for Yoreevo, a NY-based real estate broker, offers sellers listings savings and refunds buyer’s rebates.
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Buying and Selling with Yoreevo

Yoreevo is a New York-based real estate broker that offers sellers listing savings and refunds buyer's part of their commission.

Yoreevo Pricing

Yoreevo offers consumers listing savings to sellers (1% listing rate) and buyer’s refunds (67% commission rebate)

Listing Services

  • MLS Listing
  • Zillow, Trulia, etc. Listing
  • Accept and Deliver All Offers and Counteroffers
  • Hold Open Houses
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Floor Plans
  • Yard Signage Installation
  • Spare Key Lock-box Installation
  • Schedule Inspection Services
  • Schedule Private Showings
  • Closing Duties

Buyer's Agent Services

  • Find the Property
  • Accept and Deliver All Offers and Counteroffers
  • Recommend Other Professionals
  • Attend Inspection Services
  • Schedule Private Showings
  • Negotiate Needed Repairs
  • Closing Duties

Yoreevo Editor's Review:

Last updated: 25 April 2021
First published: 17 February 2019

Yoreevo is a consumer-focused real estate agent that successfully represents consumers in New York and offers sizeable savings.

Yoreevo is focused on efficiency, professionalism, attention-to-detail, and commitment to putting customers first.

By making every step of the process as efficient as possible, Yoreevo agents are more than 5x as productive as the typical agent. Included in the 1% listing fee are professional photos and marketing materials, comprehensive listing distribution, unlimited open houses and private showings and of course a dedicated, experienced agent throughout the entire transaction. For buyers, Yoreevo helps clients to navigate the entire process from discovery, negotiation, documentation to closing.

Overall, Yoreevo offers an excellent proposition to buyers and sellers alike.

FAQ for Yoreevo

What is Yoreevo?

Yoreevo is a NY-based real estate agent, offers sellers listings savings and refunds buyer's rebates. Overall, Yoreevo is a value-added proposition to home buyers and home sellers with genuine savings.

Is Yoreevo legitimate?

Yes. Yoreevo a legitimate real estate agent that offers savings to consumers. Yoreevo successfully represents home buyers and home sellers in real estate transactions in select areas across New York.

Where does Yoreevo operate?

Yoreevo currently operates in select areas across New York.

Contact Yoreevo:

154 W 14th St
New York, NY 10011 US
Yoreevo User Reviews

Yoreevo User Reviews

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