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What is HomeOpenly?

HomeOpenly is a highly effective real estate representation tool that works as an Open Marketplace for over 147,000,000 residential properties across the United States. Our real estate savings matched results are truly unbiased. HomeOpenly works because Agents advertise here without any middle-man fees, known as broker-to-broker referral fees. Referring Agents who work with competing online middle-man platforms, undeniably, pass these costs back to the consumer, usually 25%-40% of the entire Referral Agents' commissions. HomeOpenly works on a completely different principle to create highly valuable local real estate information by asking all opt-in Agents to provide savings for Home Sellers and Home Buyers. In exchange for listing savings, opt-in competitive Agents receive direct leads. HomeOpenly is a win-win platform built with our users in mind as we help to make real estate process less costly and more transparent. As an Internet platform, our main goal is to provide the best results for all our users; this is only possible without an ulterior motive to sell leads. The result is direct savings in tens of thousands when buying or selling real estate with the help from a competitive local Real Estate Agent. This information is open and has no strings attached.
What areas does HomeOpenly cover?

HomeOpenly is an impartial referral-free Internet savings platform that works for almost every residential property in the United States. HomeOpenly is a 100% legal real estate platform in all States, built as an Open Marketplace.
When should I use HomeOpenly?

You may easily check HomeOpenly live results before hiring a Real Estate Agent to see how much you can save when Buying or Selling any residence in the United States. All results are impartial and there are no hidden costs to anyone. The key for Home Buyer and Home Seller is to use our service before approaching a Real Estate Agent.
Will I receive unwanted calls or emails?

HomeOpenly keeps your data 100% safe. Competing middle-man brokers sell your data for referral fees to the largest number of Referring Agents as possible. HomeOpenly shares your information with independently-matched Agents only if you choose to send your Lead Request to a specific Agent. There is no reason for us to share your information with anyone other than Agents you ask for. Your privacy is safe with us by design.
Is there a catch?

There are no fees to anyone, no hidden referrals, no preferred Agents. HomeOpenly always delivers 100% savings and keenly guards user privacy because it is built to deliver the best user experience. HomeOpenly delivers great savings to everyone looking to buy or sell residential real estate in the United States, because it is supported with independent real estate advertising revenue. Real Estate Agents never pay HomeOpenly to advertise and we never collect fees from agents after your real estate transaction is complete. Our goal is to encourage competition and to fix the real estate process by using the Internet as a driving catalyst.
Real Estate Selling and Buying

Why It Works for Real Estate Sellers and Buyers

  • HomeOpenly operates a service that is autonomous and does not rely on referral fees for revenue.
  • Within our system, real estate Home Sellers and Home Buyers create electronic leads indicating interest that are forwarded only to Real Estate Agents they choose.
  • This concept is novel, simple and an effective way to facilitate healthy competition among Real Estate Agents without taxing anyone with referral fees.
  • The process to send an electronic lead is fast and confidential, meaning HomeOpenly does not broadcast Home Seller's and Home Buyer's information to anyone other than specific Real Estate Agents selected by the user.
  • Our site works because Home Sellers and Home Buyers are able to see local Real Estate Agents who offer competitive listing rates and buying refunds instantly.

Why It Works for Real Estate Agents

HomeOpenly is designed and built in the heart of Silicon Valley to attract the best Real Estate Agents to participate in an OPEN competitive commissions and rebates marketplace. The following is a short list of unique features only available here:

  • Access is always open.
  • Terms of Service are designed to help Real Estate Agents to receive valuable leads directly from interested Home Sellers and Home Buyers.
  • Flexible interface, designed to promote Agent's services and competitive listing rates and refunds.
  • Autonomous system with an emphasis on thousands of local real estate markets across the United States.
  • Our goal is user participation, not referral fees.
  • Easy sign-up, mobile friendly, we are a young Internet company always learning.
  • HomeOpenly works for any real estate transaction budget, luxury through economy.
  • HomeOpenly allows Real Estate Agents to advertise specific listing rates and buyer's refunds they feel comfortable with in the current market, in order to expand, without a need to cut corners.
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