2019 Residential Real Estate Directory (RRED)

2019 Residential Real Estate Directory

Included is a wide mix of residential real estate companies in the United States

With an entirely new look, this comparative guide aims to deliver an unbiased overview of trending technology players in the US residential real estate industry.

This year, a wide mix of companies mentioned in the directory include transparent real estate agents that offer savings of tens of thousands in transaction fees, pay-to-play referral fee brokers, hybrid brokers that heavily engage in price fixing, MLS aggregators, direct cash buyers, and buyer stand-in programs.

The residential real estate industry is clearly broken and requires an entirely new approach that can help fix it—Open Real Estate Marketplace. Over the past year, I have heard terms like "quality", "convenience", "consumer-focus" and "a better way to buy and sell a home" from a number of industry corners. The reality is anything but that.

In 2018 an unprecedented amount of capital was invested into companies that engage in house-flipping on a mass scale, aiming to take consumers for their equity (consumers now hold a combined 15 Trillion USD thanks to largely appreciated home values.) During that same year, an unprecedented move was made by realtor.com with the acquisition of Opcity as well by Zillow Group with implementing Premier Broker Program. These moves effectively converted two of the biggest MLS aggregators into referral fee networks, now aiming to collect tens of Billions in commission kickbacks each year by selling “consumers as leads.”

Is home flipping an innovation?

Does pay-to-play lead to quality?

Have kickbacks become standard?

Is price-fixing a consumer-focused practice?

Disrupting these industry trends is imperative because their actions directly affect housing affordability and make buying and selling homes more expensive. An Open Marketplace is not just a nice-to-have tool, it is now a consumer necessity able to generate network effects required for a mass scaled disruption of a flawed process.

A number of progressive real estate startups have begun to implement a better and more transparent process in many different regions across the US. The highest ratings within the directory are reserved for those who aim to disrupt broken real estate industry with innovative ways to deliver genuine savings, instead of added fees. All featured service providers are rated with consumer focus in mind.

In 2019 entries include the following:

Clever Real Estate, Door Real Estate, Faira, Flyhomes, Home Bay, HomeLight, HomeVestors, Homie, Houwzer, Knock, mellohome, NAEBA, Nobul, Offerpad, Open Listings, Opendoor, Owners.com, Perch, Prevu, Properly, Purplebricks, RealEstate.com, Reali, Realtor.com Opcity, Redefy, Redfin, RedfinNow, REX Real Estate, Ribbon, Rocket Homes, Savvy Lane, SimpleShowing, Surefield, TRELORA, Trulia, Unlocked Real Estate, UpNest, Xome, Yoreevo, Zillow, Zillow Offers, Zillow Premier Broker Program.

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Last updated: November 03, 2019
First published: May 25, 2019