Why List Your Home on Selling Later

Why List Your Home on Selling Later

Selling Later is a consumer-focused FSBO platform designed to give home sellers a new way to list homes off-market before listing openly on the MLS.

On the subject of open and fair competition in e-commerce, certain media products work through delivering value alone, and not adding fees for X. Google Search Microsoft Bing Youtube Facebook Marketplace WhatsApp Instagram LinkedIn Yelp Craigslist Wikipedia Zillow-Trulia before 2018 Realtor-com before Opcity are all examples of successful media services are primarily supported with either donations or clearly-labeled advertising, instead of fees.

Some of these services, by far, are the most influential technology companies to date. All of these companies deliver content for a living, structured as digital assets. The real digital assets are binary data that comes with the Right to Use, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service (for example, this author does not consider Bitcoin a digital asset because digital tokens are binary data that do not possess the Right to Use.) These highly successful digital platforms create value in the real world by offering novel and useful information, entirely online without having to sell our users software, hence the term e-commerce.

E-commerce is a highly competitive industry. There are always new technology companies in an attempt to fix something in massive consumer markets (TAM is a common term used to describe the total addressable market on the annual basis.) Some of these companies are ground-breaking because they can improve something in scale, and not harm us in the process. On the contrary, for example, "gig economy" platforms operate entirely by harming their users.

The United States housing market (TAM) is valued at approximately $1 trillion in the aggregate value of services and products offered to help us finance, refinance, insure, engineer, build, develop, maintain, power, transact, improve, and, eventually, demolish our homes. This is an asset class of 130,000,000 homes in total combined. As of February 2021, the residential housing asset class is valued at about $31 trillion in aggregate value based on the automated valuation modeling (AVM) information available to HomeOpenly.

Currently, the US housing sector suffers from several massive problems. I firmly believe that part of the reason why is the fact that much-needed transparent media companies in this sector are still missing. At the moment, the sector is fully dominated by pay-to-play, mixed incentives, poor industry practices, kickbacks, misinformation, and severe antitrust violations.

There are certain solutions out there able to fix these problems, for good. These solutions are quite rare, and maybe even difficult to decipher because they are not yet mainstream. One such solution is a platform called Selling Later

Here are the five really good reasons to use Selling Later before placing a home on the open market:

1. Transparency

Selling Later does not sell user data to real estate brokers. Period. This consumer-focused approach opens an entirely new value to home sellers in ways that may not be entirely evident at first. Selling Later is designed to build trust to allow home sellers to post their homes FSBO online well in advance, while their home is still off-market.

2. More time to sell

Selling Later gives users more time on the market, even though users’ homes are listed off the MLS. There is value in being able to announce home availability in an FSBO listing before placing the property on the MLS, if and only if, a home seller is not in an immediate hurry to sell. Of course, if a home seller wants to place a home on the open market ASAP, the best way to do so is to engage a highly competitive listing agent as early as possible.

3. Privacy-driven FSBO

Unfortunately, some unsavory brokers know that people prefer to post their home in an FSBO listing as a way to test the waters. I, for one somehow got on a spam list and now receive hundreds of spam emails each day titled “How to steal listings from Facebook” or “How to get leads from Craigslist” etc. all teaching brokers how to harass FSBO sellers with offers for real estate services, otherwise not requested.

A typical reaction from a consumer reads like this: "The moment I put my house up for sale by owner, I got a barrage of realtors calling me who ALL said pretty much the same thing." You guessed it. These unsavory brokers aim to earn exigent commissions with even a small percent success rate, so they keep harassing FSBO sellers as a matter of cash flow. Such plain harassment is a major deterrent to homeowners to post homes on the market themselves.

To learn about an upcoming home listing before anyone else is "golden data" in real estate, as one of the most important transactions in consumers’ lives. The point of Selling Later is to use this data for consumer benefit, instead of consumer abuse.

4. Consensus with competitive agents

Selling Later does not discourage users from using real estate agents. It is a proven fact that consumers prefer to list homes with agents and the vast majority of people use the services of buyer’s agents to help them buy homes. Truly excellent and highly competitive agents are the best possible means of buying and selling homes on the MLS. Selling Later knows this, and merely offers consumers a way to list homes before working with an agent. Selling Later offers great advice and offers consumers advice without any conflicts of interest.

5. Female-led technology service

I cannot stress this fact enough: the technology and the residential real estate sectors are positively male-dominated industries, more often than not, selling products and services to women. There is further a major funding gap for female-led companies in the technology sector, maybe even a bigger gap than the lack of funding for minority-led companies. A lot of new and innovative ideas developed by women are systematically silenced as a result.

Selling Later is a highly innovative product, likely because it is a female-led company. Now, one cannot ask consumers to give Selling Later a special privilege based on the gender identity of their founders, but one can promote equality and inclusion of a superior user experience, in part, because the service is female-led. Female founders think differently and can offer new perspectives to the real estate industry and to the consumers willing to listen.

So, why should you give Selling Later a go?

As Selling Later develops its service and grows with time, it can invent and re-invent its FSBO listing offerings with more value, news ideas to guard user privacy, and new improvements to multiply the power of the network effects. If you can use Selling Later today, you should. Even as a fairly new platform at the moment, this service wants to help you improve your FSBO home listing user experience and it has consumers' best interests in mind.

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Last updated: February 01, 2021
First published: February 27, 2021