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HomeOpenly maintains an Open Marketplace for all local Real Estate Agents who offer consumers great service and savings. When shopping for a Real Estate Agent, the price alone is not as important as being able to make an informed choice about representation. HomeOpenly makes this choice transparent and subject to 0% referral fees.

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We provide consumers with impartial local matches for value-added Agents based on their services, reviews, individual rates, flat fees, and/or buyer’s refunds. HomeOpenly is an absolutely free service to consumers and Real Estate Agents because it is supported with independent ads for home mortgages, home insurance, and similar real estate verticals.

There is no pressure for Agents to advertise the lowest rates and cut corners - we encourage Agents to list reasonable market rates for their best service. HomeOpenly displays all local results LIVE to our users, so that consumers know who they are dealing with up-front, instead of being matched blindly with a random agent as a part of a Referral Network. Referral Networks propose a poor choice for Real Estate Agents and consumers alike due to lack of transparency and 25%-40% in hidden referral fees. Under our Privacy by Design methodology, only consumers are able to decide who receives their information. HomeOpenly never shares users’ information without expressed intent. This process allows our users to safely connect with the best local Agents, instead of being subjected to referral fees and “sold as leads” in the process.

HomeOpenly is a marketplace designed to completely change the way our homes are bought and sold in the United States with an innovative approach that encourages healthy competition among great local Agents looking to provide the best service to consumers.

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0% Referral Fees
What does this mean? HomeOpenly does not seek referral fees, period. Our service operates as an Open Marketplace and it is funded with independent revenue. This also means that all our results are fair and impartial. Without referral fees, we are able to show you the best savings right away. There are no hidden referral agreements for anyone who uses HomeOpenly.
100% Savings
HomeOpenly is an open access platform built for Home Owners, Home Buyers and Real Estate Agents. Real Estate Agents advertise their best listing rates, flat fees and buyer's refunds locally and consumers receive 100% of all savings.
Privacy by Design
We keep your user data 100% safe. Competing online middle-man brokers often sell your data to as many Agents as possible. HomeOpenly only shares user information if you choose to send your Lead Request to a specific Real Estate Agent. HomeOpenly delivers the best user privacy by design.

Real Estate Commissions Open Marketplace

Real Estate Commissions Open Marketplace

HomeOpenly is an Internet company designed to connect Home Sellers and Home Buyers with Real Estate Agents participating within its Open Marketplace.

Our web service facilitates competitive behavior among Real Estate Agents and allows each Agent to advertise his/her competitive commissions, flat fees, and services.

HomeOpenly offers access and service as an open and an impartial platform for all our users.

You Choose the Best Real Estate Agents

HomeOpenly is an excellent opportunity for Home Sellers and Home Buyers to find and negotiate representation fees with Real Estate Agents prior to the elusive and complicated search for the desired property, or the best purchase offer.

Our system is uniquely built so that you, as a prospective Home Seller or a Home Buyer, find the right Real Estate Agent who offers competitive commission rates and flat fees based on overall transaction budget.

HomeOpenly does not facilitate any offers or sets any commission rates, we are an OPEN online platform that connects Home Sellers and Home Buyers with Real Estate Agents at no additional cost.

You Choose Competitive Real Estate Agents
Open real estate platform

Open Real Estate

Open access for Real Estate Agents, for Home Sellers and Home Buyers. HomeOpenly is an effective real estate commission marketplace that generates profit with real estate data analysis and advertising. HomeOpenly works due to healthy user-participation.

Absolutely no hidden fees

0% Referral

Other companies, acting as a middle-man, charge all participating Real Estate Agents a referral fee for each closed transaction, anywhere from 25%-40%. HomeOpenly is an Internet company, we exist to connect Home Sellers and Buyers with Agents who offer market listing savings, flat fees, and buyer's refunds.

Real estate savings market

Real Estate Savings Marketplace

Commissions are truly negotiable before a Home Seller or a Home Buyer approaches a Real Estate Agent. Having to contact Real Estate Agent using HomeOpenly is the most effective way to negotiate the best savings. The true potential for real estate savings is with HomeOpenly.