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Selling with EasyKnock:

EasyKnock is a new and innovative solution that offers a sale-leaseback, called MoveAbility, to home sellers in all 50 States. Customers can sell their house to EasyKnock, converting their built up equity into cash, and lease it back while figuring out their next steps and finding their next home.

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EasyKnock MoveAbility™ Benefits:

EasyKnock is not an iBuyer, lender, or bank. Instead, they offer a unique bridge solution. EasyKnock purchases their customer’s home, giving them the time and money needed to look for a new home. The customer becomes a renter in the home they once owned until they decide they’re ready to move and have EasyKnock sell it on the open market. The customer gets to choose the agent and receives any appreciation of the home.

EasyKnock will provide you with an initial offer on your house. Once you accept it and complete an appraisal and due diligence, EasyKnock purchases your house and your lease begins. You get your money and time to figure out your next steps.

EasyKnock purchases houses valued between $100,000 to $1,000,000 in urban and suburban areas and can fund up to 75% of the homes’ market value upfront while you retain the remaining amount as an option plus gain any appreciation once the house sells on the open market. When EasyKnock has purchased the house, the customer is no longer responsible for their mortgage, property taxes, or HOAs. They are only responsible for paying a processing fee and monthly rent.

If you're looking to maximize your cash proceeds, EasyKnock is a better option than selling to an iBuyer since the seller does not lose equity from a low cash offer on their current home – the old home is sold on the open market for the best possible price.

EasyKnock offers you cash to leverage for home repairs, a down payment on your new home, or to clear debt and secure a better pre-approval.

FAQ for EasyKnock:

What is EasyKnock?

EasyKnock is a multi-state cash equity solution, offers a home upfront sale program to sellers. Overall, EasyKnock is a value-added proposition to home sellers with genuine savings.

Is EasyKnock legitimate?

Yes. EasyKnock a legitimate upfront sale program that offers home lending and cash leverage options to sellers when buying a new home in all 50 States and Washington DC.

How are fees structured for EasyKnock MoveAbility™?

EasyKnock charges a transparent 2.5% processing fee plus market rent. This fee is incorporated into your new mortgage.

Can Buyers use EasyKnock without selling an existing home?

Currently, only sellers with an existing property can utilize the program.

What are the main benefits of using the program?

The program allows sellers to leverage existing home equity to buy a new home without sacrificing equity, or paying expensive fees. The program further allows sellers to work with their agent and sell their current home on their terms for the best price on the open market.

Is the Seller free to receive a buyer's refund from the Buyer's Agent with EasyKnock MoveAbility™?

Yes, a seller can easily negotiate terms with their agent and utilize the buyer’s refund as an added savings option when buying their new home in 40 States and Washington DC. A seller can easily negotiate a listing rate with an agent in all 50 States and Washington DC.

Where does EasyKnock operate?

United States

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